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how to unblock ICMP?

Started by tjj70302, March 18, 2010, 08:09:02 PM

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what are you using for a router? Is your ISP blocking it?


In the  first  i want to try the tunnel configuration on my machine (linux and windows) and after I use it on a router connected to the internet (ipv4 network) to achieve ipv6 connectivity with another  router connected to the internet via an ADSL connection


Right...but your connection is coming from somewhere...either a Cable Modem or ADSL modem to a firewall/router.


my connection via wifi and when I'm home I use the modem


Hello -

I am having the same issue.  I'm running a MAC OS7 wirelessly off a Dlink 615 router wired through ATTs Motorola NVG510 using Firefox 16.0.2 and OpenDNS.  As far as I can tell, i've unblocked the firewall and changed the default setting in Firefox to enable IPv6.

Please, if you would, enlighten me to what I am missing.  Thank you.


I too use a DLink DIR-615.  However, you do have to configure it to receive pings, but once configured, it's not the problem.  Note that it may have a factory default of NOT responding to pings.


Thank you.  I have tried this ->
Section  - Configuration Advanced Network Settings UPnP: To use the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP™) feature click on the checkbox to enable. UPNP provides compatibility with networking equipment, software and peripherals. WAN Ping: Unchecking the box will not allow the DIR-615 to respond to pings.

I have also unblocked pings on my security settings on my MAC

and still cannot pass the tunnel to move on past 'newbie'  :-[



On my 615:

Advanced > Advanced Network > Respond to WAN pings


Quote from: cholzhauer on May 25, 2012, 05:50:46 AM
what are you using for a router? Is your ISP blocking it?
Hi, is there any way to using HE IPV6 tunnel when the ISP blocking the ICMP packets.
In addition, it is not required for the tunnel server checking the client ip reachable when setting up a tunnel.


To setup the HE service, you need to have an endpoint that responds to icmp.


Quote from: sangeshitou on December 07, 2013, 07:02:58 PMHi, is there any way to using HE IPV6 tunnel when the ISP blocking the ICMP packets.
The best you can do is to email HE directly and explain your situation and ask if you can get that requirement removed from your tunnel. There is no technical reason for the ICMP check to exist in the first place. Other providers of 6in4 tunnels do not perform this sort of check. I have come across multiple networks, where I can use 6in4 with any other provider than HE for this exact reason. Unfortunately the other providers can't deliver as good a service as HE in other areas.

Before you contact HE about it, you could try another 6in4 provider, just so you know for sure that it is indeed possible to use 6in4 from your connection. The provider with the least bureaucracy is NetAssist, just type in an email address and you are good to go. Unfortunately they only have one PoP and not very reliable service. I have successfully used a NetAssist tunnel from networks, that does not work with HE.


It's my understanding that the pings only happen when there are periods of no activity on the tunnel - and that's only to verify that the tunnel endpoint is still there.


There were/are 2 pings.

The first one is to verify that the remote side is up and reachable, otherwise you don't get to create a tunnel. A side effect is that it punishes those stuck behind ISPs who think blocking ICMP is proper security, when really it is rate-limiting ICMP that is important. Those users can use another service less restrictive on mandatory ICMP replies to create a tunnel, that might have different forms of restrictions or one that doesn't have as many POP locations.

The second ping should be over the tunnel itself to the Client Side IPv6 Address, to see if the tunnel is still up. Also to update the lowest latency tunnel graphs: http://www.tunnelbroker.net/usage/tunnels_by_latency.php

Also if you are on AT&T uverse, don't you already get a "native" tunnel via 6rd?