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Started by binded, August 20, 2009, 11:53:22 AM

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ok i looked all over the place i would think that there would be some sorta walk though some wheres
yet theres not shit

how the hell do you set this shit up

i found one posting
but yet it dont say shit it says that theres stuff on the page to set up the tunnel yet theres shit and does nothing but complain about its not stable and cant connect

you would think that they would offer some help on the setup page but yet nothing i guess im going to need to email support

i guess its better for them to offer some thing for free that no one can but for a MSCE  worthless
and a waste of time on there support  i guess its job security at its best here

not even a freaking FAQ nothing just links all about and around


When you've logged into the tunnelbroker site, look at the bottom of the middle section of the page. You'll see your tunnel(s) listed. Click on the listed tunnel(s). Near the bottom of that page you'll see:
Example OS Configurations (Windows, Linux, etc.):
with pull down menus. Select applicable OS etc.

If you're having specific problems, or don't understand something specific, don't be afraid to ask here,
stating the specific problem, any error messages, commands used, what OS and version, and anything else that will help us help you.