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Disabling the v4 exhaustion counter for logged in users at tunnelbroker.net?

Started by haisec, April 26, 2010, 03:58:38 PM

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I started using HE tunnelbroker.net today (Zurich tunnel) and I have to say it is awesome! Most IPv6 destinations are within 1-2 ms RTT difference compared to IPv4 at the same destinations.

There's a slight catch in the tunnelbroker.net interface, though. The IPv4 exhaustion counter is rapidly depleting my laptop battery, and it would be a really nice feature if I could disable it (or simply not load it in the first place). I understand that the counter is a good motivator for people to start using IPv6, but if someone is logged in, there is a good chance he/she knows about IPv4 depletion, is actively using IPv6, and the counter won't have any benefits for him/her. To summarize, having the option of turning off/removing the IPv4 exhaustion counter for logged in users would help probably quite a few laptop users.

Please consider this as a humble feature request. Thanks!


Hrm.  Why would you need to be on the page long enough for it to deplete you battery?

Also, plugins like adblock pro (for firefox) would probably be able to block things like that from loading if you really wanted to.