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confidentiality and privacy practices

Started by Ninho, September 28, 2009, 05:23:05 AM

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I've been looking - in vain - for a statement about HE Tunnelbroker's privacy and logging policy wrt connection data, and packet contents. 

Could you please enlighten us about the policy (if it exists) and actual practices ?

I'm using one of your PoP in Germany. Are you considered an ISP and subject to German - and European - laws about data retention, etc. ?

Apology if this is already explained elsewhere on the site. Otherwise I'd suggest making a clear notice might be in order.

Thank you...




From that page:

Hurricane Electric will not disclose any information about any individual user except to comply with applicable law or valid legal process, or to protect the personal safety of our users or the public. Hurricane Electric may disclose any information about their users under special circumstances that include but are not limited to complying with the law, or assisting in rectifying an unjust doing.


Thanks, Mleber! That page
Quote from: mleber on September 28, 2009, 04:48:41 PM

...however interesting, seems to cover the privacy of user information communicated to Hurricane Electric upon client's registration, or gathered as part of regular browsing of the web site (cookies and so on). It is relative to use of the www.he.net website, and maybe, by extension, other HE websites such as these forums.

It doesn't appear to cover the questions of privacy, snooping and logging of user data transiting the Tunnelbroker points of presence. It is my humble opinion that the question deserves further explanation (even though I have zero reason to suspect malpractice on behalf of HE/tunnelbroker operation. It's a matter of principles)