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Ping/Dig for points

Started by cholzhauer, September 28, 2009, 09:04:21 AM

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For whatever reason, I can't figure the ping/dig/traceroute/whois to get the extra points.  Any query I submit comes back with "it looks like you submitted an invalid query."

Could someone point me in the right direction or give me an example of something that does work?



"can't figure the ping/dig/traceroute/whois to get the extra points."

Ha,ha! Me neither!  :=)


Either make sure you don't have any line breaks, or aren't using geo-located destinations (like Google will have different results from different areas compared to our location, since we also try to verify the ping results ourselves to make sure it isn't a bogus or unresponsive IPv6 address), or email ipv6@he.net with what you've been trying to submit.


Yeah a lot of times invalid query is from the output of your commands being line wrapped.  Just open a wide terminal, run your commands and paste the output into the window.  Makes sure you use "ping6 -n" for ping under *nix.

I've also had the script reject traceroutes/pings/digs/whois that looked perfectly valid to me too, and figured it was just a parsing bug in the script so moved on to a different IPv6 or domain name.  I 'spose I should have reported it and emailed the output to the help address to help you guys debug, but I never thought to do it or was in too much of a hurry.   :P


This brings up another question:  How are the results in the scorecard for these pings, etc, sorted when people have the same score?  I hit the max of 1400, and there's a bunch of other people with 1400 too.  I'm just curious how it's sorted in the scorecard list.  It doesn't seem to be alphabetically, or by order of completion, and it doesn't randomize like the top 10 list on the side of the page.  Perhaps it's just the default order of how it comes out of the script with no sorting except for the score?

Also, I just realized that this whole thread should probably be in the certification section.   :P


I found it necessary on the rdns lookup to ensure a space is between the ttl value and "IN" in the answer section.