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Is HE blocking ICMP replies within its own network?

Started by snarked, January 27, 2010, 04:21:25 PM

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Hrm.  The one I'm using for gentoo supports both v4 and v6 (via the -4 and -6 flags), and supports tracing via ICMP or even TCP SYN.

It uses this one apparently:  http://traceroute.sourceforge.net/

There's also the nanog version which supports other stuff: http://packages.debian.org/traceroute-nanog (but not ipv6, but then the sourceforge version supports almost all the options as this now, so prob not worth bothering).


I had this issue a while back as well, I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it but I do know it was to do with the IPv6 tunnels MTU. I think I had to lower it...

Amusingly, traceroutes don't work at all for me these days (after a router reinstall).


On Linux the default TTL of a 6in4 tunnel is the IPv6 hoplimit. The first IPv6 routers aren't responding because the packets are being dropped by the preceding IPv4 routers.


ICMPv6 is working here for me. I just think it's a user to user thing.