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Ηοw to configure my tunnel to get ipv6 connectivity?

Started by JohnF, February 17, 2010, 01:54:44 AM

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Hello, i submited the form for the tunnel creation and I got back some information such as server ipv6 address , client ip address etc. I assume that I must configure my pc with the client ipv6 address , and as a default gateway the server ipv6 address? Is that right ?
I have windows xp , I have installed ipv6 how can I do the rest? After that I should be able to connect to the ipv6 internet? Please help me, i am newbie to this concept but I would like to learn more. Thanks.


Go to the tunnels details page, at the bottom will be a pull-down of example commands to run. Pick XP, generate the commands, copy and paste.

If you run XP service pack 3, you can use the vista commands, however TAKE NOTE if you are behind NAT and are assigned private addresses.


Thanks for your answer. I have some more questions. At the tunnels page there is a client IPv6 Address. Do i assign that IP to my routers lan port? And if I am behind NAT what do I have to do? My home router is siemens speedstream 4200


The client IPv6 address is what is assigned to your end of the tunnel.  Depending on what device you're using to host the tunnel (Router, PC, ect) you would assign that address to that device.

If you're using a NAT, you need to use the internal NAT address when you run those comands e.g. 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x. instead of

EDIT:  I did some real quick google searching and see no mention of your router being able to support an IPv6 tunnel...are you sure it can?