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Started by rlhdomain, April 21, 2008, 06:18:29 AM

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on my home win 2k3 server I have IPv6 enabled and it can browse ipv6 sites but I can seem to get iis to host an IPv6 site I have my IPv4 site working fine

any ideas?


How are you trying to connect, using a hostname or the IPv6 address enclosed in []?
What is your IPv6 address you've assigned to your server?


the IPv6 address is 2001:470:b801:-:----:----:----:---- (same interface as I host my IPv4 page on)
I'm trying to connect via my domain

I can ping the hostname correctly but a sec ago I had to flush the DNS again to get the correct IPv6 to be used
(I just updated the http://freedns.afraid.org/ AAAA record today)
but even when the DNS cache has the correct ip->name resolution I still can't pull up the page

and IIS doesn't have much info on IPv6 other than saying that it automaticly supports it


Anything in the error logs?

It is definitely listening:

$ telnet 2001:470:b801:1:2d0:b7ff:fe43:18ee 80
Trying 2001:470:b801:1:2d0:b7ff:fe43:18ee...
Connected to 2001:470:b801:1:2d0:b7ff:fe43:18ee.
Escape character is '^]'.
<h1>Bad Request (Invalid Verb)</h1>Connection closed by foreign host.


Well it is definately listening on port 80 on your IPv6 address. Perhaps it loads content from another path, or something needs to get checked off?


well I found if I set the site to all avalible IP addresses (it doesn't have an option to pick an IPv6 address) then it works
so a little more tweaking

Microsoft really messed up on implementing IPv6 in server 2003
a severe lack of configurability


Browsing the web, because I like to see what people everywhere are doing with IPv6, I happened across someone stating that their site was available on IPv6 using IIS7 and Windows Server 2008. Is that version available for Win2k3, or are you already running it, and that isn't working?


I think 2k3 uses iis6

I'm not sure how well my server will do with 2k8

its just a dual P3 600 w/ 1024 PC100 ECC and 6 drive scsi raid5 and triple PS

I might need to order a trial of 2k8 and give it a try

(I run an eval copy at home so I can test stuff in a non-production environment) (the downside is it expires after 180 days)
on the other had I might just load linux sometime

btw I do have it working but the implementation isn't very good
have to set it to all available IP's and and the DNS part of 2k3 still isn't so good

I hadn't seen any IPv6 data in the log because MS's implementation was flawed and wasn't publishing the page until I set it to all avalible IP's
now there is IPv6 data in the log