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What is the use of having BGP tunnel in IPv6 in case of home use

Started by abhaishukla, March 29, 2010, 07:50:32 AM

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I am just learning on tunnel configurations and trying to create a tunnel from my home. I wanted to understand the advantage of having a BGP tunnel in case of residential usage. How will this be beneficial for me. Is it like that having BGP in this case takes care of redundancy, like say if one server is down the other will take over for my tunnel.

Please help me with this.




BGP tunnels are for networks that have an ASN and IPv6 allocation and are unable to get any form of native IPv6 connectivity from their existing providers, in order to announce their allocation IPv6 space as well as connect to other IPv6 enabled networks. Any kind of fail-over would be configured on the remote client side. Typically a residential user doesn't use a BGP tunnel since they don't pay for RIR membership, ASN and IPv6 allocations and their renewal fees. And seeing as most residential users only have a single provider into their house, even if they had an ASN and allocation to announce, if that one IPv4 provider goes down or for any strange reason no longer has a path to us, no matter how many 6in4 BGP tunnels they have, without IPv4 all tunnels are down.



Quote from: maschwar77 on July 06, 2010, 04:21:49 PM
Can I use a private ASN?

Not with our tunnel service. Valid issued ASNs and IPv6 allocations only.