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Activating and deactivating IPv6 tunnel in Win7?

Started by lobotiger, March 27, 2010, 12:36:44 PM

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Hi everyone.  I've successfully created my tunnel on a Win7 x64 machine on my LAN and pings to ipv6.google.com now work.  What I'm curious about though is how can I temporarily disable the tunnel and afterwards re-enable it again?  I'm not 100% familiar with the netsh commands and browsing through MS' KB was too confusing.




You can disable IPv6 via the properties for your network connection under control panel  (the same place where you would set a static IPv4/v6 address)

Just uncheck the box next to IPv6


Hmmm, I've removed the check mark next to TCP/IPv6 but I'm still able to ping ipv6.google.com.  Since a tunnel has been created, wouldn't it make more sense to disable the tunnel somehow?



It might be using teredo.  If you want to turn off the tunnel, you simply must delete it.  Then create it again when you need it.  Wouldn't be difficult to make a .bat file to do this.

Use the netsh interface to see the syntax of the commands.  netsh int ipv6 help is a good starting point.