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Does HE support UDP tunneling?

Started by kallisti5, May 20, 2010, 06:00:26 AM

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Was looking at the wikipedia article on IPv6 and saw that the IPv6 tunnel can be created over protocol 41, UDP, or AYIYA.

I have an Motorola WiMax CPE(modem) at home which in it's current firmware forces NAT.  This crappy implementation of NAT blocks protocol 41 packets blocking all tunnel communication.  I really don't want to use Sixxs (AYIYA).

Does HE support UDP tunneling from an OpenBSD system?

  -- Alex


I have not seen anything suggesting that HE supports this...maybe someone else can prove me wrong.


I hope they will implement it in the future, as there are a large number of ISPs which give out routers that aren't configurable. So for them it's impossible to get an IPv6 connection at home using Hurricane (which I think is currently the best broker; SixXS doesn't respond to emails I sent to them and Freenet6 is suffering severe bandwidth problems).

But I'm happy anyway with my proto-41 tunnel  :)


SixXS doesn't respond to emails I sent to them

Unfortunately you aren't the only one.

Freenet6 is suffering severe bandwidth problems

Yeah, and even when they're up, I have to route traffic to Canada before it comes back to the US


That's because freenet6 is in Canada.


Quote from: snarked on May 20, 2010, 12:16:31 PM
That's because freenet6 is in Canada.
They do have a server in Amsterdam, though. I am close to that server (as I live in the Netherlands), but still it's horribly slow occasionally.

HE is way more reliable.