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Configuring for PPTP / VPN

Started by beewoolie, October 23, 2010, 09:36:42 PM

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I know that I'm going to be really embarrassed when I get the answer to this question.

There *should* be a VPN configuration available on my tunnelbroker.net status page.  I think I've even seen
it before.  However, I'm unable to figure out what I have to do to invoke it.  I even created a new tunnel to see
if I need to change some attribute of an existing tunnel to make it work.

So, what is the trick?


I was just about to ask the same question!

I've just had to replace my home router (Netgear DG834Gv3) and the new one (DG834Gv5) no longer passes protocol 41 so I'm cut off from my tunnel. (I deliberately stayed with the same family partly because it was "known to work" and partly because it needs to fit into an existing external watertight box next to where the phone line comes up out of the ground.) After trying in vain to explain to the guy at Netgear Tech Support what IPv6 is and that I wasn't trying to forward port 41, I thought I'd try out the VPN-mode setting that I've seen on the config page...

So what's happened to it?


Same problem here. ping'ing the reverse DNS entries (i.e. username-N.tservX.datacenterN.dyn.he.net) returns an error saying that "host not found." I'm afraid HE may have deleted the PPTP accounts.


I've been having the same problem too... I know I've seen the PPTP tunnel information on the tunnel details page before, but now it's gone. I agree with tjmao, it looks like HE silently disabled tunnelbroker.net users' PPTP. It would be nice if someone at HE could clear things up.


I think the guys running PPTP BETA forgot to mention: It was temporarily suspended for debugging and potential improvements. No ETA when it will be made available again. It was a good first BETA.


How 'bout OpenVPN or something like that now?  Something that deals better with NAT?