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Configuring a server behind a Cisco Pix 525 for IPv6

Started by vrillusions, August 10, 2008, 04:49:56 PM

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I am currently just testing things out and I created a tunnel for a single server that is behind a pix 525 firewall running software v 7.2(1)  I have tried the "linux-net-tools" option on the server without any luck.  So far the only ipv6 commands I've issued to the pix is "ipv6 enable" on all the interfaces.  I'd like to just keep the ipv6 testing to just a single server but if the only way to get it setup is by setting up a dual stack on the interface in the Pix, then I will.  Are there any other commands that I can so it just forwards protocol 41 traffic to this single server?


as an update I played around with it some more and figured it out.  basically I have to allow all traffic from the server ipv4 address to that machine.  Did that and it works fine now.  Still want to look into securing it a bit so I'm not letting all traffic in but it still works though