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dd-wrt and public IPv6 addresses

Started by tryptamine, September 03, 2010, 05:06:02 AM

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I have a dd-wrt router (v24-sp1, ipv6 and radvd enabled) sitting on iamdevnull.info., connected to a Comcast residential internet connection. I'm a newbee to IPv6, so I may be suggesting something that isn't possible.
What I want is for my dd-wrt router to open my IPv6 tunnel and assign through DHCP a IPv6 address to my local network. What I would really like is for this IPv6 address to be one of my /64, so that every computer on my network is publicly routable under ipv6.iamdevnull.info. Is this at all possible?

Thanks in advance.


Sure it is.

I don't know how comcast works, but with my cable connection, my router receives a public IPv4 address, then assigns private IPv4 addresses to devices behind it.  Since you said that your ddwrt router has IPv6 enabled, you could use Router Advertisement (RA) (I don't think DDWRT does DHCPv6, but I might be wrong)  There are guides for setting up IPv6 on V24 on these forums, and there's also a very good link hosted on the ddwrt pages on how to do it.