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Linksys/cisco WRVS4400N

Started by zslg01, January 06, 2010, 03:56:41 PM

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Has anyone gotten the V1.1 Linksys/cisco WRVS4400N to connect to a Hurricane tunnel? Supposedly the release 1.1.13 of the firmware supports 6to4 endpoint but I can't get it to connect. If you have gotten it to work -- how?



Linksys refers to the IPv6 Tunneling over IPv4 as 6to4, at least on the WRVS4400N.

I have yet to get a tunnel to work with this router myself. I believe I have the right location to place the IPv4 server endpoint IP. However, even upon disabling dual-stack IP mode and re-enabling, as well as resetting to factory default with the latest firmware, my LAN settings IPv6 field is always grayed out.

Plain and simple, due to this and the rest of the issues I have with the device, I'm considering a IPv4 VPN (PPTP) directly to a computer until I get a new router.


6to4 isn't the same as 6in4.  Although 6to4 essentially uses 6in4 to tunnel packets.  So usually if it supports 6to4 it supports 6in4.  I suggest perusing the documentation.  :-)