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ipv6 FC9

Started by pipeline, May 27, 2008, 08:27:26 PM

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Hey im a noob and i need help.

i followed the config instructions and i see my ipv6 information in ifconfig

but when i try to use ipv6 i have no luck i cant ping6 or tracert

i was just wondering if anyone knows what im doing wrong. do i need to set ipv6 to be used apposed to v4?


1) Are you behind a firewall?  If so, do you know if it passes protocol 41, or can you post what model,version,firmware revision?

2) What errors, if any, do you get when you run the commands to bring up the tunnel?

3) provide output of: ifconfig -a

4) provide output of: netstat -rnA inet6

I am unable to ping6 your side of the ipv6 tunnel. Your IPv4 endpoint initially had 50% packet loss, then 100% success moments later. Also in a regular traceroute, I see this for your endpoint:

52.184 ms !Z  52.320 ms !Z  53.352 ms !Z

Which is: !Z (communication with destination host administratively prohibited)