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DNS server locations?

Started by lty, August 13, 2010, 05:19:45 AM

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I noticed that HE doesn't currently seem to publish the DNS server locations, perhaps because there's a possibility this could change as while I'm not an expert I believe from the way it's set up HE could reroute the network so they move their servers but keep their IPs.

But from my traceroute testing and a bit of guesswork, am I right the servers are currently located as follows
ns1 Freemont, California, US
ns2 " (not the same server as above, route is different)
ns3 San Jose, California, US
ns4 New York City, US
ns5 Amsterdam, Netherlands



I haven't tracerouted them lately, but ns1-ns3 all seem to map to the same IP address allocation (; thank you BGP route aggregation).  That's not very diverse (from the network routing standpoint).  HE has three colocation centers in the SF-Bay area but there's little to no indication that these three servers are spread across and one per facility, other than the traceroute.  Regardless, those three aren't very geographically diverse nor network topology diverse.

I'm glad to note that ns4 is on the U.S. east coast and ns5 is in Europe.  With expansion of the transit network and tunnel servers in Asia, I would expect that a DNS server (ns6?) should eventually be placed there, especially since there will soon be 5+ peering points (per the latest network map) in that region.