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Can't enable wan ping in router (ICMP error)

Started by mrkazador, September 06, 2010, 11:18:24 PM

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Long story short, lost house and moved with uncle. Want to setup an ipv6 address on my pc but he won't let me touch his stuff(router) so I get ICMP error when trying to create a tunnel. I tried explaining but he is stubborn... Anything I can do?


Anything I can do?

Legally? Probably not.  As has been mentioned in this forum before, if your stuff doesn't reply to ICMP, you can't get a tunnel.  You have other options, such as checking out SIXXS (good luck) or GoGo6


That's what I thought. I guess I have to go with go6 but I don't like the client...


Possible solutions
1) Change house -
2) Change uncle -
3) Convince aunt, ask her to convince uncle -
4) Offer to share the cost of the DSL

or, more reasonably

5) Extol the benefits of V6 connectivity...ask uncle "how" to do it? and lightly suggest a competition..."see who can get the highest scores on the HE Certification program"...

I know if my nephew threw down that gauntlet, he wouldn't get a look-in untill I was past "guru"...

Best rgds