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Trouble with email test

Started by webmany, September 16, 2010, 09:09:50 AM

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I am having problems getting the mail test to run.  I have setup a AAAA and MX for my domain using HE, but when I try to send the e-mail I get No MX found for your domain. Failed to get AAAA, but it is there:

oscgroup-v6.com.   86400   IN   MX   10 mail.oscgroup-v6.com.

mail.oscgroup-v6.com.   84832   IN   AAAA   2001:470:1d:3a2:250:56ff:fe81:608a

Any ideas?


I ran the dig commands locally and against HE's DNS servers and they come back correctly

This may be one of those times where the cache needs reset


Started working.  Looks like it just needed time to propagate to the other dns servers.