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IPv6 tunnel behind a NAT (Windows XP)

Started by weblionx, June 22, 2008, 07:55:32 PM

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I ran the commands under the Tunnel Details page for Windows XP, and it appears that Firefox attempts to use IPv6 first, then goes back to IPv4 when it times out, though I can't be sure. (kame.net doesn't dance, some other IPv6 sites don't load, though it seems to try.)

Is there anything specific to do if I'm behind a router doing NAT?  I have a 192.168.1.x address for this computer.


Check your router config and make sure its allowing protocol 41 through.


Ah, dang.  After a bit of searching it turns out my router (WRT54G 3.1) doesn't support them with official firmware.  I'm not really keen on changing it, but thanks for the help.



There is no new official firmware for the router.  However, DD-WRT and OpenWRT (3rd party firmware) both support the tunnels and support being endpoints (So I could have every computer on the network have an IPv6 address.)

I'm looking into DD-WRT at this point, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go ahead and use it.  Come the fall, I'll be back at college with my own public IPv4 address.


Enable "DMZ Mode" in your router pointing to your local ip address


I've already put my computer into the DMZ and I'm still not able to access any IPv6 website or ping it.

Also, I went ahead with installing DD-WRT, and while it has added more features, the latest doesn't have support for 6to4 tunnels directly on it, though I've disabled the firewall and put myself in the DMZ. I still have my computer set up to do the tunneling itself.


It appears Windows Firewall doesn't let it through.  Once I disabled it everything seems to work.


for dd-wrt, use v23 if you want working ipv6 tunnel termination on the appliance.


Quote from: broquea on June 28, 2008, 12:12:46 AM
for dd-wrt, use v23 if you want working ipv6 tunnel termination on the appliance.
Thanks for that. I was going to install v23 then upgrade to v24, but now that you mentioned that, I'll stick with v23 standard. (I'm on v4 Official, so I have to use v23 mini, then go from there)