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There is also a book "IPv6" by Pavel Satrapa (available in both printed and electronic (pdf, epub, mobi) form).
Unfortunately, it is probably only in Czech language...


the following book is also good.  Another by the same author is for advanced usage.

IPv6 Core Protocols Implementation
by  Qing Li, Tatuya Jinmei and Keiichi Shima
Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc. 2007 (969 pages)
Revealing all of the details of the KAME IPv6 protocol stack, this book dissects both the code and its design to illustrate how IPv6 and its related protocols have been interpreted and implemented from the specifications.

I'd like to suggest my own open textbook An Introduction to Computer Networks,, and, in particular, the IPv6 chapter

It's not as technical as some of the other resources listed here, but I like to think it provides a reasonably good general overview. It has the added advantage of being free, and therefore available for immediate access.

Comments and criticisms are always welcome. The book is updated regularly, so corrections are easy to incorporate.

Peter Dordal
Loyola University Chicago CS Dept


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