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Protocol 41 through SonicWall (TZ190)

Started by KimbleFamily, February 16, 2011, 05:27:37 AM

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I have multiple Windows boxes (and one Apple) inside my network behind a TZ190.  I've tried to get 41 through the SonicWall but I don't think it's making it.  Could someone post the changes I would need to make to get this to work?


On the SonicWall I toyed around with (I think it was an NS240?) There wasn't anyway of passing a protocol, just a port.  Have you posed the question on the Sonicwall forums?  It's been my experience that the SonicWall user community is better than the tech's that work at SonicWall.


I'm hoping that MelBeckman will reply as he posted a blog article back in 2009 stating that he was able to do it through his SonicWall.


Well, it turns out I didn't have to do much of anything.

1. Firewall->Services: Create new IPv6 service of type "Custom IP Type" and number 41.
2. Firewall->Services: Add the new IPv6 service to the existing ICMP group.
3. Network->Interfaces: Configure the WAN interface to respond to ping requests from the Internet.

It was step 3 that was stopping me from getting a tunnel created. So I now have a tunnel on my laptop.  Now to create tunnels on some of my other computers.

Hope this helps someone else.
Dan Kimble