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Is This an OK place to talk about Cisco Firewalls?

Started by UltraZero, February 22, 2011, 06:55:23 PM

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Quote from: cholzhauer on February 23, 2011, 07:01:58 PM
Quote from: jimb on February 23, 2011, 03:40:22 PM
Are they eventually going to EOL the PIX line in favor of the ASAs?

Yeah, they're long gone.

note that PIX nor ASA run IOS
Ah.  I sort of remembered them EOLing them a long time ago too, but it sounded like you were talking about recent PIXOS upgrades, which I didn't think they were doing anymore.


Ohh, gotcha.  They're still releasing code for the ASA's, but it's not compatible with a PIX and the PIX OS won't work on an ASA


Oh my bad.  You were talking about both PIXes and ASAs.  I didn't read carefully enough to see the upgrades were for the ASAs, not PIXes.


Yeah. I was on the Cisco website and they offer a free upgrade for the IPsec,but, not for the
Operating system. 

6.33 is where she is and I understand IPv6 is only supported under 7.x and above.  8.04 i think is the highest version so I read on the net. 

ASAs are so expensive though.  I have always tended to purchase something way overkill for my network so I was looking at a 5510.  That's a couple grand that  I don't have.

It's not like I have tactical information I need to be securing.  AT least not yet... ::) ::) ::)


Does anyone out there  use a Pix with the PDM software?? IF so, what version of PDM are you using.



I think we discussed this elsewhere...the 5505 would be overkill for your network, and that's under $500


If this is just a home network, a BSD or linux box would work fine for you.  If this is business, hrm, maybe juniper?  The SRX firewalls seem to be pretty good and support IPv6.


Well, I've been thinking of putting up a Cisco Online lab.   Just a thought.

Besides, Why use a bicycle to go to corner store when you can drive a Lamborghini there, pass it, jump on the highway for a mile or 2, get her up to speed (Just the speed limit because you know the sheer nature of a lamborghini says give me a ticket) and be back at the store before you would have on that old darn bicycle..  LOL.... ;D ;D ;D

All joking aside.  I figured since I had this big box, I would put her online.  but, unless I do some thing Illegal, which I don't think I want to go that route, Maybe I'll put her on ebay and buy a 5505 and put it in a rack mount chassis so it at least looks big and powerful...  Slap a Lamborghini sticker on the front..

Now thats funny right there..