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connect to dd-wrt via pptp to obtain ipv6 address

Started by alanho, February 24, 2011, 07:21:26 PM

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I have tried to search the forum but found no idea on how to solve my prob. please direct me if there is any threads related.

I have successfully set up my ddwrt router to obtain ipv6 from he.net and my entire network connected can get access to ipv6.
Except the pptp server.  Some of my clients requires to connect via the pptp service (provided in ddwrt).  Although they can be successfully connected, they seem lacking of ipv6 connectivity.  Only v4 address being broadcast. On the other hand, I have set up openvpn in the sense that v6 address being distributed. I would like to get pptp server to do the same as well as most of my client dont have access to openvpn.

Please share your experience, thanks.