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How long to update glue?

Started by pcreager, April 10, 2011, 09:52:32 AM

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My registrar requires a support ticket to update glue records.  They notified me early this morning (~12AM) that it was done.  But I'm not seeing it on the root servers yet.  So just wondering if there's usually a delay before the root reflects the update.

What has me worried is, wouldn't you know it, my system was down over night and hence my NS was unreachable.  If they verify valid NS records and it was offline when they tried... will the retry later or what? 



Godaddy says give it 48 hours.
When I updated mine it took a couple hours for me to see it. So I SSHed to Sweden (I'm in Arizona) and it did take a about 48 hours to go 'round the globe.  :D