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HE now lists AAAA records for www.facebook.com

Started by cholzhauer, May 04, 2011, 05:36:04 AM

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One of the members of an IPv6 mailing list I'm a member of mentioned the fact that he was able to get an IPv6 address for www.facebook.com when he queried ordns.he.net

Is Facebook doing some sort of white-listing program like Google?


As just answered on v6-ops mailing list:

QuoteI can answer this directly.

Yes, this was setup between Facebook and HE as part of Facebook's IPv6 rollout. There is no mechanism at this time to request your network to be added to the whitelist, but we will be very open with our communications as soon as we are ready to add folks if we continue to utilize the whitelist.

-Will Lawton
-Network Operations
-Facebook, Inc.


Yep, I just got that too, although your response came through first.

Thanks for the follow up.