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Bye Bye v4 iPhone app - lock up problem

Started by KevinGLong, June 07, 2011, 06:57:16 PM

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Just updated the Bye Bye v4 app today ( and it locks up when trying to move off of the RIR Stats page.
It will change to landscape mode and, after pressing the Counter or Map button at the bottom of the screen, will not rotate back to portrait.

I restored the previous version,, and everything works again.

Device info:
AT&T iPhone 4 (MC610LL)
iOS version 4.3.3 (8J2)
12 gig of free space



I've just spent the past few minutes clicking the tab bar, rotating the app, and repeating, with no lockups, and I've got almost the same device configuration (iOS revision is the only difference, but I'd done this test on the earlier releases as well).

How long is the lockup?  Is it a complete freeze, or just a prolonged pause?  Do you have network connectivity at the time you've seen the lockup?


I have a great Wi-Fi and Microcell signal here.  I'll admit I didn't wait too long after the "freezing" before pressing the home button to get out of the program.  The issue was very consistent; i.e. I didn't try it once and give up.  I did a power cycle too.
I know it did not respond as well as the .523 release that I was using and went back to. 

I'll grab it again from the App Store and be a bit more patient to see if it may have been cacheing or something to that effect.

Stay tuned. 



I pulled the app down again and it is working better.  A look at the file sizes shows the "good" app being 782,800 bytes while the "bad, older" app as 782,804.  A binary file compare (WinXP, FC) showed multiple differences so I guess I had a bad download back on June 5th.  Let me know if you want it for research.

Sorry to drag your app's good name through the mud.  Hate to think we need to do MD5 matching from the App Store.

Keep up the good work!

(tunnel user since late 2008; three week old Sage)