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Tunnel Setup on Cisco RV220W -- Help Needed

Started by rxforcomputers, June 12, 2011, 11:40:57 AM

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I followed this doc still not working.  I am RV110W running  What is strange is that although HE uses manually configured 6in4, RV110W doesn't seem to support this.  Although I add an IPv6 static route to ::<IPv4 address of HE server>, it doesn't show up in the routing table.  The default route for all IPv6 traffic is to ::, the 6to4 anycast relay.  I don't want to send it there, but rather to the HE server.  Also confused weather my hosts behind the RV110W are supposed to have the 2002 address or the 2001 assigned by HE.  Also, I couldn't add static route like "::x.x.x.x" in Cisco document.  Rather RV110W made me put it in as ::x:x:x:x. 


I have the same problem with the RV110W. Has in the meanwhile someone get tihis to work on a RV110W? I think the only problem is that the webinterface does not let you enterer a IPv6 route to ::<IPV4 tunnelbroker server> ("invalid ip format")
Has anyone an idea how to fix this or to get rid of the "invalid ip adress" message ? Thx!


I opened a new post, but just in case.

Did you succeed to run HE tunnel on RV220W with last firmware ( ? I tried few hours yesterday without success.

prefix is propagated correctly and my laptop has an IPV6 with the correct prefix, but can't route nor ping.
IPV6 himself works as I can ping6 the RV220W.
I even don't know if the tunnel is well connected  :(