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Continuation of points - more tests? Increase points from daily tests

Started by johnpoz, June 15, 2011, 09:48:55 AM

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As I am now only 2 days away from 1500, I have come to realize I'm going to miss the daily tests and reaching the goal of 1500 points.

What about allowing for say 200 points per daily test vs 100, or adding some other form of daily test or measurement for people that have reached 1500 to get more points.  Maybe some way of to determine if tunnel has been up for X number of hours in the day to get a point or something.

To be honest its been fun playing and increasing my understanding of ipv6 deployment and operation with my goal of reaching 1500 points.  But now that the goal is at hand, there really is not much need to keep my ipv6 tunnel active.  Clearly its not a requirement to access any resource(s) on the internet currently and to be honest that day is more than likely years out still to where there would be some actual need to have IPv6 enabled.  The only current use I see is a way to have internet access without being behind a nat since ISP only provides me 1 public ipv4 address.  Other than only as a test bed to help others wanting to "play" with ipv6.

But if say I could get 2000 points ;)  I would have a new goal and reason to maintain my ipv6 setup.


IMHO, I think you're off base.

The general idea behind the whole thing is to teach new skills and encourage people to learn the new technology.  Before I configured my tunnel, I didn't know much of anything about this "new and  emerging" technology called IPv6.  Once I got my feet wet, it opened up new doors and now my entire place of employment is running on IPv6.

Look how much stuff you've learned (hopefully) and look how much farther ahead you are than 99% of the people in the world.  When your ISP finally decides to turn on native IPv6 support, you'll know most of the security considerations and other misc things that other people will end up needing to call their ISP's to resolve.


Don't get me wrong, I've learned a whole hell of a lot.. And its been FUN as well!  But currently IMHO ipv6 is just a play thing - there is no actual requirement to have it.  Name one resource that is ONLY reachable via IPv6 that anyone would actually need or for that matter even want to access.

Just ONE, I have not been able to find it - other than a few porn sites that are only available via ipv6 ;)

I work for a major ICT company, not one of our customers that I am aware of is using IPv6, nor has any of them even asked about it or requested it, etc. I talk with the solution design guys all the time, and for awhile was even on that team.  And I have asked around, don't get me wrong - just not seeing any drive towards IPv6 at all.

I see it as chicken/egg sort of issue - until there is resources only available via ipv6 there will be no real drive to provide ipv6 connectivity.  Until there is common ipv6 connectivity there is no need to provide content via ipv6.

Don't get me wrong I will continue to play with it to be sure, and prob just keep my tunnel up to provide a test bed to work/play with -- even if just for my own obsessive curiosity about all things to do with IT.  But it would also be a little push to be able to reach for higher ranking ;), I calc I will be about 130th place on the sage list when I reach 1500 in 2 days with no possible way to increase that since there is no way to go over 1500 points..

Something as simple as allowing for more daily points would keep my working on that - I know its lame, but hey people like rankings and scores.. I would like to be in the top 100, then top 50, then top 10 etc.  But since you reach a wall of 1500 there is no possible way for me to increase my ranking at all.


Makes sense.

Here's a question though...let's say they do increase the limit to 2,000 points.  What happens when there are 150 people with 2000 points?


Same problem ;)  But hopefully I will be in the top 50 or so by then -- hehehe

whey do they have to put an end to the points.. Even if it was just 1 points a day after you reach some level, you would still allow for movement.  Be it slow or not, it would still allow for movement..  People miss a day, etc.


No plans for more points in the same categories.

Microsoft DirectAccess is IPv6 only. VPNs are pretty important in corporate culture, so I'd say freely built into your OS/servers is fairly important.


DirectAccess is anything but FREE ;)  Most companies would require a large amount of upgrade(s) to put it into action.  Also you still have the problem of the clients not having ipv6 connectivity.

Here is a list of the requirements for directaccess - pretty long list ;)
DirectAccess Requirements

Yeah its kewl and all - do you know of any companies actively using it?  I sure don't.  I would say it prob 5 or so years out before it actually becomes a viable option.

So MS states that they require IPv6 because its a forward looking tech so no point in having it support IPv4, but yet in their requirements to get it up and running
"On the DirectAccess server, at least two consecutive, public IPv4 addresses assigned to the network adapter that is connected to the Internet."  WTF? ;)

What about new categories for points??  I would be happy with those as well!



Quote from: broquea on June 15, 2011, 03:16:56 PM
No plans for additional categories yet either.


Because if HE add the limit to 2000, then i stop doing my test, there is not goal soon.

i have learned a lot here, thank you.


While I'm actively trying to get to 1500, that's just the OCD in me talking. Gathering points towards a goal isn't why I maintain an IPv6 link.

True that today there's little *need* to maintain an IPv6 connection since there's little that requires it, but my goal here is to have that link connected, stable, and secure so that as the time comes where it's more necessary to have it, I a) don't have to scramble to get it working, b) don't have to scramble to figure out how to secure it, and c) have the skills to help my colleagues/company/whoever with setting up this connectivity when I've been prepared for it and they've been asleep at the switch.

Plus I'm having a hard enough time catching up to 1500. 2000? C'mon! :)



you should be able to go beyond 1500 points by referring more users to tunnelbroker.net.  I don't recall if its ever been suggested :)


Quote from: cconn on June 16, 2011, 02:59:05 PM
you should be able to go beyond 1500 points by referring more users to tunnelbroker.net.  I don't recall if its ever been suggested :)

Think that is covered without points :)