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rDNS Records

Started by stewartp, June 18, 2011, 04:08:28 PM

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Hey Everyone...

First post!  ;D

I have a potentially stupid question. I am trying to figure out why rDNS doesn't seem to want to work for one of the IPs delegated to me.

ipv6.spte.ch resolves to 2001:470:1c:61a::2 which is great, however 2001:470:1c:61a::2 results on NXDOMAIN. This is peculiar because the rDNS entry is there, done through the he.net DNS service.

This is the raw record info from HE's DNS service:   1800   IN   PTR   spte.ch.

Anyone have any ideas on why this PTR doesn't want to resolve?

Thanks very much!!!


Did you tell HE that you delegated your zone to HE's DNS servers?