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tserv6.fra1 down?

Started by kasperd, July 03, 2011, 05:19:08 AM

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It looks as if tserv6.fra1 lost all the tunnels? The server is up according to the status page it is up, and it responds to IPv4 pings.

But a network with a tunnel through that server lost IPv6 connectivity (client end of the tunnel is up), and a traceroute from elsewhere to an IPv6 address behind the tunnel receives no route to host from gige-gbge0.tserv6.fra1.ipv6.he.net (2001:470:0:69::2). Even a traceroute from elsewhere to the server side of the tunnel gets no route to host, so it does look like the tunnel server is the culprit.

Anybody else noticed problems with that tunnel server?


That tserv was restarted and is now almost done rebuilding tunnels.


I see. I hadn't realized that the tunnel status page would show the server as up before all the tunnels were active again.


Will you post any news here on this issue? Currently I still can't get a connect.


The configuration on this side looks good for your account's tunnels, as it should, since they all got pushed fresh.  I'm having no luck pinging your side of the point-to-point v6s, however.


I've had a look at my configuration. It looks good for me. I can ping the IPv4 of the tunnel server however I can't reach the IPv6. May I send you my configuration?


Got it running now. For some reason some necessary rules in my shorewall configuration have disappeared.


it seems to me, tserv6.fra is down pretty often. It just had another 100 minutes downtime where it reacted to ipv4 and ipv6 pings but did not route traffic to the outside world from my 2001:470:1f0a:138a:: tunnel.

As I'm using the tunnel for my everyday ssh session (screen+irssi), every downtime is noticed immediately. Mostly they are only for one or two minutes, happening maybe every some weeks.

I have read that tserv6.fra is full. Should I move my tunnels to a different PoP, which is a tedious process, or is a different solution on the way?

P.S: Sorry for sounding negative. I really like your service and really appreciate a possible solution to the issue!


Yes temporarily moving your tunnel to a different tunnel server in Europe is a reasonable idea if you are so inclined and if you don't have any domains configured with static IPv6 addresses.

We are expanding to additional locations in Germany this year and we will set up tunnel servers adjacent to the core routers in those cities.


Thanks for the feedback. As I have a bunch of DNS coupled to the tunnels, I'm going to wait patiently now... and dream of a new PoP at BCIX :-)


A tunnel server in Hamburg would be really cool :D


Well in that case please put up another server in Amsterdam, too  ;D
After Frankfurt and Fremont1 it's Amsterdam who has got the largest amount of tunnels on it.

@broquea or others: How much capacity does HE still have at tserv11.ams1?