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FreeBSD with with ipv6 HE tunnel keeps on disconnecting - timeout?

Started by ivansyjrca, July 15, 2011, 02:13:00 PM

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My FreeBSD setup at home has a free IPv6 tunnelled connection to Hurricane Electric. It works, but after a few hours will not work anymore. If I reboot the server, it then would work for a couple of hours... (after  I wake up ) and checking it again, it seems like it got disconnected from the tunnel.

when it works, ping6 is OK
when it does not work, ping6 results to "Operation not permitted" and the machine with Windows 7 will not be able to browse IPv6 sites.
when I reboot it, it then works immediately, ping6 and ipv6 traffic is OK

I'm just not sure "how long" till it gets disconnected, but i would say for about 15 minutes to 6 hours. On those 6 hours, there may be little to no IPv6 or even IPv4 traffic at all.

Does Hurricane Electric have a timeout? or idle timeout of some sort?

I also tried to do some cron , every five minutes it does a single ping6 to www.kame.net  - but that did not help at all.

My home network is simple:
- one FreeBSD server/gateway with Cable modem bridged to it (WAN ip static). HE is tunneled here
resources are:
-- FreeBSD's gif interface
-- FreeBSD's rtadvd
-- pf
- one Windows 7 laptop
- VMs (virtualbox on FreeBSD)
- Dlink IPv6-ready certified as a wifi access point only.



What happens if you disable your firewall and test it for a couple of hours?  I'm running 8.2 and never have a problem.