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tserv5.lon1 is down?

Started by elventear, July 18, 2011, 09:00:30 AM

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I had been merrily working on a site that uses the tserv5.lon1 server for it's IPv6 link and then it froze. Afterwards I am not able to get any IPv6 traffic to and from.

I can ping the IPv4 server address, but definitely no response from it for IPv6-in-IPv4 traffic.



I did and got a confirmation that tunnels are currently rebuilding.


Anyone else having issues? It's been several hours and it hasn't come back for me, yet.


Tserv is up and running just fine. I'm watching traffic cross a bunch of tunnels. Make sure your IPv4 endpoint is up to date, and try rebuilding it on your side.


I'm seeing similar issues on my setup ; works fine from other tunnels server e.g. amsterdam - I've raised a ticket with  ipv6@he.net to get is checked out.


I'm going to push out a complete rebuild of the config to the tserv right now. Will take a few minutes as it brings back up all the tunnels.

EDIT - rebuild complete


Excellent Service - Fixed . Damn that's a fast turn around  :-) . I've had a ticket open for 2 months with a company I pay 000's a month to for IPv4 :-( .