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Can't get ipv6 tunnel through netgear (wpn824n) router, any suggestions?

Started by cb1000HE, August 07, 2011, 06:33:26 PM

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tomato has a VERY small number of supported devices - if your router is not supported by dd-wrt, I would not see how it would be supported by tomato.

So unless you were doing something wrong with your dmz, if your router does not support forwarding protocol 41 and does not support 3rd party firmware that would enable it to either forward 41 or even be the endpoint of the tunnel.

Your only option is to replace -- sorry.  But in my personal opinion why would you ever buy a router that does not support 3rd party in the first place? ;)

I only use wireless soho router as accesspoints, I have my pfsense box for my actual gateway router -- and even I would never buy something that I could not put 3rd party firmware on.. You never know what you might want/need to do with that device.  Getting a device that is locked to to the crap feature sets that are native firmware is not a very good choice in hardware purchase if you ask me.