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Connectivity of IPv6 With IPv4 host

Started by playsoni, November 14, 2011, 01:24:43 AM

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I'm recently working on a project, in which we are provided two network one with IPv6 Connectivity only and other with IPv4 Connectivity only. These two networks are connected to each other with a switch(i.e., Cisco 4503 which also works as router) and our task is that, we have to configure that switch/router in such a way that a IPv4 host can send packet to IPv6 host and vice-verse. I have try all the tunneling, but in all of them IPv6 can only be connected to IPv6 host only not with IPv4. I need your help in this that how can i made router configuration so that it should be possible to connect two Different Host with different IP versions i.e., one with ipv4 and other with ipv6.

thanks in advance


If both endpoints are single stack (one IPv6-only and the other IPv4-only) then the only way I know of to allow them to communicate is through a gateway that performs address translations. If the IPv6 end is dual-stack, you can use IPv4-mapped addresses to get to the v4-only host (::ffff:


I also think that Gateway translation is best, but there is one more problem, that CISCO 4503 also not support This type of translation.
so is there any other any way to implement all the above things


No, you need to either implement protocol translation of some sort such as NAT-PT, or dual stack one of the two networks. You cannot just pass IPv6 traffic into an IPv4 network or vise versa.