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Possible error with Guru certification

Started by tatsuling, September 25, 2008, 08:16:05 PM

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I was able to get my rDNS working finally and passed that test and was presented with the Guru test.  It seemed to me that since the public server that hosts the DNS for my domain does not use IPv6 at all that the test should fail. However, for fun I click on the test buttons and was greeted with a 2 success messages. 

The domain I was testing was www.penguinetworking.com and it has DNS through zoneedit.com.

Gregory Lee


As always, please EMAIL bugs you encounter to ipv6@he.net

QuoteIf you are reporting an issue with the program, please do so via email at ipv6@he.net as this address is monitored by the Hurricane Electric ticketing system and will result in a much faster response time.