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I've written a IPv6 Hurricane Electric How To for Ubuntu 10.04

Started by peebles, March 15, 2012, 08:06:07 AM

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Hi Guys,

I've written a HOWTO on setting up an Ubuntu 10.04 server as an IPv6 gateway for home use, it's by no means totally complete. So I was wondering, if you have a few minutes. Could you have a look at it and suggest things to add/remove from it. By all means be honest about it, if I've missed something out or somethings wrong then by all means tell me.

No point in having a howto that's only partially right or down right wrong in parts.

Link below:


I would suggest using the ipv6 documentation prefix instead of the ranges you currently have. I would then make a note stating that you have used the documentation prefix and users need to insert there address/address ranges in place of them


Also why are you manually setting a route for your tunnel's /64 towards eth0?


cholzhauer: Will do and thank you.

broquea: That's a very good point which I totally missed when I was setting up the tunnel initially. Thanks for spotting that!

I'll spend a bit of time today and update it.  :)

Thanks guys, any other suggestions appreciated.


Being a newbie, I followed to the letter in the link and worked perfrctly - thanks