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Anyone having trouble streamnig video?

Started by Steak, April 03, 2012, 03:56:02 AM

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I've been having a problem since last friday.

Suddenly, any attempt to stream flash video over an ipv6 stream (i.e. youtube, or IGN) fails - I either get no video at all, or sometimes 3 seconds and then no more.

if I turn off ipv6 on the client PC (disable it on the NIC) then everything works fine. Enable ipv6 again and no video.

Everything else works fine over ipv6 as far as I can tell - test.ipv6.com returns 10/10 and I can access web pages over ipv6, but flash video streams fail.

I'm trying to work out if the problem is on my end, or if it's related to my HE tunnel, hence the question - anyone else having any problems?

how to replicate: visit www.youtube.com - attempt to play any video.





YT works over my tunnel. Wasn't aware that IGN was available over IPv6, and I'm not seeing anything that shows it is. If you have streaming problems over both v4/v6, then it probably isn't tunnel related :)


Right now (3:36am in France) Youtube is working great, but during the day it's almost impossible to watch a video.
The problem appeared during last weekend.

I've just checked the videos which are working now on youtube are hosted on this IP address : [2a00:1450:4007:1::a].
I'll check tomorrow if it's the same IP address when Youtube doesn't work.
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I've also noticed problems in the last few days with Youtube streaming that disappear as soon as I disable IPv6 on my router's LAN interface & switch back to IPv4-only.


If you want any help with this, you'll need to mention where you get your IPv6 connectivity from. If you mention the IPv6 addresses of the client machine, DNS server, and host you are streaming from, then it is possible to look a bit more into where the problem may be.


Whatever this problem was caused by, it resolved itself, the issue lasted from 30th March until 5th April and then suddenly, without my changing anything, everything went back to working properly.


Thanks to everyone who replied.



Out of curiosity, what HE tunnel are you connecting to?  I have youtube problems on my network at home.  I connect to the Los Angeles, CA and notice somewhat poor performance.

Running some test now from ipv6-test.com/pingtest/ and Im seeing 2-3% packet loss on the V6 stack,  V4 looks great.  This may be part of my problem.  But good to know that folks are having V6 issues with Youtube recently.


I also don't have anymore problem, it's working great at the moment.

jsterck, my endpoint is Paris, FR. I've just tried each test servers here : http://ipv6-test.com/pingtest/ and I don't have any packet loss.
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I'm having trouble.  In fact, ever since IPv6 day streaming video has been almost impossible. I'm getting <1Mbit on average and sometimes much less. I just stopped a Youtube download because I was only getting around 20KB/s.


Same issue.  What is your tunnel server that you connect to?  Frustrating.  I recently took IPV6 off my standard DHCP data vlan because of user complaints.  I still have the server vlans enabled.  I guess this is part of the transition and hopefully either HE or Google will make things a bit more robust.  Id be interesting if it was a problem on my side.  Im using a Cisco 871 and do not see anything indicating any issues in the logging.



I'm using the Dallas server:


I think my problem maybe XP. I noticed the other day I wasn't having problems under Linux and thought that maybe Linux was using IPv4 but nope, it wasn't and when I ran a speed test I got much faster results.  I also tried a Win7 VM under XP and also got much faster results.  So, I pulled out wireshark and the big difference I noticed between XP and the Win7 VM was the window size.  Under IPv4 with both OSs it was 64k but under IPv6 with XP it was around 16k and with Win7 it was a little over 64k. 


XP is a giant product EOL headache. April 14, 2009 was when mainstream support ended for it. 2014 is extended. People need to move on from it already. The IPv6 stack was tagged experimental for it, and barely any better by the time SP3 rolled out.