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SonicWall TZ-210W blocking tunnel

Started by bmorgenthaler, September 25, 2012, 10:32:13 AM

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I have a SonicWall TZ-210W running SonicOS 5.8.1 (No native IPv6 Support) on my home network and I'm trying to get a he.net tunnel setup on my MBP OSX 10.7. From what it appears my firewall is not allowing Protocol 41 through it as everything on the OSX side looks correct.

On the firewall I have 6over4 allowed outbound and a NAT Translation + Inbound rule setup for allowing 6over4 back to my laptop. Are there folks on the forum that would be able to help me confirm/deny that my firewall is the issue I'm having?



I'm not real sure what 6over4 equates to...I assume it's 6in4?


6over4 is what SonicWall has Protocol 41 listed as in their built-in services list.

The problem is my firewall but what area I do not know, I have allowed it outbound and set it up as both allowed inbound to my whole network and through a NAT translation to my laptop specifically.  A package capture on the sonicwall show only multicast (5353) packets being blocked and nothing else but traceroute6, ping6 and dig over ipv6 do not function, they all stop at my firewall.


Did you ever get this working? Having a similar problem.


Hmm en idea would be to allow all ip traffic from the tunnel server trough your firewall abd remember to allow ipv4 icmp so the tunnel server can ping you