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Help linking A record ddns with 6in4 ddns

Started by SteveGraham, October 27, 2013, 11:46:17 AM

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I'm having trouble linking my tunnel ddns with an A record on my domain using the "advanced tab" on the Tunnel Details page.

I update the tunnel end-point through my router, an Asus RT-N66U running Asuswrt-merlin firmware and this works fine.  I then added my domain to the free HE DNS service and created an A record for a notional host on to my isp provided ipv4 address, as "store" for this address, and made it ddns updatable.

I assumed that generating a ddns key for this A record and putting it in the "API Key" field on the "advanced tab" would complete the link but all I get is a "badauth" response. I've now tried everything I can think of with the same result and searches for a solution have come up blank.  So help, please, what do I put in that field?



The API key there should be what you set the DDNS key to in dns.he.net.  Additionally, you don't need the trailing . on your hostname, and the CNAME you have in your zone is also invalid.  You can't CNAME the base domain name to anything, as a CNAME masks the other records at that level, like the NS, MX and SOA.


Thanks for that it, was the CNAME error I made wat dunit!  The moral here is that when trying to learn how things work do one step at at time and test it, that way you know what to look at fixing when one breaks it:-[

Thanks again