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IPv6 failure on CenturyLink (ASN-QWEST) network

Started by bdladdy, August 12, 2014, 07:36:34 PM

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Please excuse me if I am posting to the wrong place as this is my first time posting to the forums.  My problem is as follows:
I have a dynamic ip address with my service provider so I have had to reconfigure my tunnel every couple of days or so.  As of the last few days, I cannot get an IPv6 address on my Mac.  I have even deleted the tunnel and configured a new one on the off chance this could solve the problem. http://test-ipv6.com/ does not detect an IPv6 address either.  Can anyone tell me how to determine if CenturyLink(was Qwest) has blocked my ability to create a tunnel?  Or tell me about some recent changes to this service to explain my problem.  I can't imagine I have misconfigured the tunnel as it had been working for well over a year (while accounting for the dynamic ip).

Thanks in advance,


UPDATE: I have contacted the ISP and they said they do not block any ports so I am at a complete loss. 

http://test-ipv6.com/ reports:
IPv6 connections work, but connections using DNS names do not use IPv6. For some reason, your browser or your OS is not doing IPv6 DNS 'AAAA' lookups. [more info]



Can anyone tell me how to determine if CenturyLink(was Qwest) has blocked my ability to create a tunnel?

Do a packet capture with something like wireshark and see what you find.  If your ISP is blocking proto41 you won't see any inbound proto41 packets.

Of course, you could just call and ask them too


If you (or someone else) is having this issue, I would also suggest using one of the dynamic updater scripts that are available on the TunnelBroker site. I'm on CenturyLink as well, and aside from the occasional server endpoint change (on TunnelBroker's end), I haven't had any issues with IPv6 working.

Hope this helps.


I believe that CenturyLink does block 6in4 packets -- at least in Southern Nevada.

I used the same hardware that I have in Los Angeles, and I have not been able to get a tunnel in Las Vegas to work.