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use my tunnel on multiple isp's at home

Started by tanja84dk, January 20, 2015, 08:22:01 PM

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I have a question about if it's posible to use my tunnel that I have on multiple isp's?
The reason I ask is because I have two isp's at home and I would like to use my tunnel on both isp's


the same tunnel cant be homed to 2 ipv4 endpoints. you'd get 2 tunnels, but then neither's ipv6 space could be used over the other.


so do I then have to have two tunnels at home?
It was just more if it was possible to assign a part of the /64 to the other isp connection.


why do you think you need 2? just because you have 2 isps? if one goes down, just update the ipv4 endpoint to your other isp.

Otherwise you are gonna start getting into the realm of policy based routing, based on specific source IPs from whatever tunnel you are using.

You cannot use Tunnel-1's IPv6 addresses on Tunnel-2


No unless you have IP resources and ASN assigned from RIR for multi-homing, but mostly won't happen at home networks.


Thank you both for the answers, I'm then going to get another tunnel then when I get around reconfigure my network.
to broquea: The second line there is in my home is always in use because my home backup server is talking out to my 3 vps's all time on its own line ( was cheaper to get a slow unlimited line for that then paying for the extra bandwidths on my primary line, plus the server's internet line has no ports blocked from isp, witch also was a problem if I wanted to have my home server on my main line).

And the reason that I dont use my tunnel from my server line to daily stuff is because that isp is a really slow connection compared to my main line