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Suggestion: Pop/network status page

Started by piojan, February 02, 2009, 06:05:56 AM

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I'd like to suggest adding a separate page at tunnelbroker.net that would show the status of tunnel servers and maybe he network issues.
That could be an automatic page that would display live status or just a simple page normally saying "there are no known issues with tunnel servers or network. If any please mail..."
That way people will quicker know that there are issues and will not ask.
A possible downside - having to publicly admit that some times there are issues - i don't think that this will be a problem though.



Not sure why this didn't get any replies when it was posted, but I also think this is a great idea.
It would let people know quickly whether their IPv6 Tunnel problem is on their end or HE's end (for tunnels that were working).
Just a simply status page that shows whether the tunnel servers are currently reachable via icmp would be great.


I'd like this too, either as a separate resource or incorporated into a general "network status" page (which could also include the status of HE's name servers).


as someone whose PoP appears to be down at the moment, i'd like to +1 this


I took some time to work on the broker again and put up a status page that you guys have been asking for:


Listed under "Quick Links" on all pages.


Looking at the page, I'm guessing it includes the bgp tservs as well?


Quote from: kriteknetworks on September 23, 2009, 08:34:41 AM
Looking at the page, I'm guessing it includes the bgp tservs as well?

Yup, no reason to exclude them.



Thank you for the "HE IPv6 Tunnel Broker Status Page".