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[Help] Asus router configuration

Started by thejinx0r, November 02, 2015, 04:16:29 AM

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I'm trying to setup an Asus RT-AC66U with the tunnel broker.
When I telnet in to the router, I can ping ipv6.google.com and gets router properly.

When I try from my mac, if I go to to test-ipv6. It says I have no ipv6. If I disable ipv4, and only have ipv6 up, I have no network connection?

Any suggestions? I have attached my settings. They are on dropbox since I am not able to upload them directky to this site.


Everything looks correct.

I have three suggestions: 

1) remove the DNS servers and see what you get
2) Make sure IPv6 is enabled on your Mac
3) test with another computer


So not entirely sure why, but at some point I had run some script that modified the gif0 network on my mac. Not sure what that is, but it's one of those things where I blindly copied pasted instructions from the internet to get ipv6 to work.

Anyways, after a reboot, it seems like the effects of what I had run has cleared and now works.