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Check Point Gaia R77.30

Started by ChrisM510, December 12, 2016, 02:15:42 PM

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Does anyone have a tunnel working with Check Point Gaia R77.30?  I previously had my tunnel working with a Cisco router, but I upgraded from it and my ASA 5505 to a Check Point appliance.  I followed the instructions given in the example commands, but still have "no link" being shown in my Gaia portal.  Perhaps something I need to do since I changed hardware? (Grasping at straws here.)  Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong forum.


Never even heard of such a thing.  Post some configs and I'll try and help.


Here are my config lines.  (put in X's in part of the address for privacy)

set ipv6-state on
add interface eth1 6in4 2 remote ttl 1
set interface sit_6in4_2 state on
set interface sit_6in4_2 mtu 1480
set interface sit_6in4_2 ipv6-address 2001:470:xxxx:7d3::2 mask-length 64
set interface sit_6in4_2 comments "HE.NET IPv6 Tunnel"
set ipv6 static-route default nexthop gateway 2001:470:xxxx:7d3::1 priority 1 on


How do you know it's not working?  Are you trying to ping from the console of the device?


The Gaia Portal shows "No Link" for the 6in4 tunnel interface.  Yes, I have attempted pinging the other side of the tunnel without success.


Is eth1 your inside our outside interface?

I have a 3200 running R77.30. Gaia is not letting me use the outside interface as it is DHCP. Any chance someone found a work-around for that?

I am trying to use my inside interface and then rely on the policy to translate the source IP. That does not appear to be working right now.