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Windows PPPOE dynamic address, how to use the tunnel proxy?

Started by xiecong520, May 11, 2017, 05:00:41 AM

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I'm sorry, but this article by the translation software.

Using EPON fiber mode equipment. pppoe access network mode.

It has routing functions, but does not support the tunnel proxy.

Therefore, I use the private address on Windows instead deploy tunnel proxy.

Owing to the bad NAT performance,Now switch to the Windows directly PPPOE dial.

Seems everything is all right now, I'm relieved.

Now has a stable, every time I restart the computer. The tunnel will fail. Because the pppoe dynamic.

I'm trying to deploy tunnel. "add v6v4tunnel interface=IP6Tunnel localaddress="    alternative to using the following parameters:

localaddress = "PPPOE" parameters of the localaddress = or localaddress =  prompt parameter error, no success.

I also try to add the tunnel server ipv4 addresses the static routing, also invalid. Ask, is there a script automatically, or you can forward how to set up?