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Ipv6 usage policy: Molotov TV and transmission BT

Started by jmpoure, August 05, 2017, 06:36:01 AM

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I am an individual behind fiber in France.
What is the acceptable usage in terms of download/upload bandwidth?

For example, i am using:

  • Molotov to watch TV in France.
  • Transmission Bittorent to upload Debian installation CDs with a limitation of 100Kb/s upload. My line is 50Mb/s, so i is only 1/50 bandwidth. Only 1 out of 20 downloader is using IPv6. But can I use transmission over your free IPv6 tunnel if only for allowed purpose?
  • I also build a Debian personal mirror for i386/amd64 and source. Now it's done and there is only daily transfer.

is that acceptable?
Do you publish guidance as regards downloads/uploads limits and a usage policy?

Kind regards,



Good to know. Especially Molotov, can be large and I cannot set-up IPv4 routing as it is closed software ...
i am doing mostly free software, but this Debian repository was Huggeeeeee.

Anyway, I will try not to suck to much upload bandwidth, and limit BT to 100kb/s upload.

Thanks and keep on the good things.