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Tunnel + ipV6 from provider

Started by d3x0r, July 29, 2017, 02:27:33 AM

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My internet provider (and modem) are now able to support ipv6 directly.  I ended up enabling ipv6 on my router (an arch linux system), I'm wondering how well these will work together... and have some problems getting them to work together.

from inside my network I'm getting ipv6 in the the HE tunnel range I have... I can ping the remote gateway from windows but now I can't ping any other v6 IP.
I can ping other ipv6 addresses from my linux box, but they don't go through the tunnel.


I guess I had messed up my configuration at some point turning things on and off; routing now works...

But generally I still have a question about having two ipv6's mapped to the same portion of network (my internal network)

Systemd back in may got updates for PrefixDelegation   'IPv6PrefixDelegation=true' but there's little documentation on that...

I would think that routers (like openwrt) would be able to request a v6 subnet from an ISP for further delegation?  (I know this is kinda getting beyond the realm of tunnel... )