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TP-Link Archer C7 appears to have very limited IPv6 support

Started by phillipsjk, January 04, 2018, 12:09:13 PM

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When setting up a 6to4 tunnel, the only configuration option I have is to adjust the MTU.

All of the fancy features such as bandwidth shaping, and port forwarding (read: making holes in the firewall), and possibly guest access appear to be missing for IPv6.

Is it possible to forward a HE tunnel to my "real" IPv6 router (presumably an old PC made router) without disabling 6to4 tunneling on the main router itself?

Status page says:
QuoteConnection Type:   
Tunnel 6to4
IPv6 Address:   
IPv6 Default Gateway:   
Primary IPv6 DNS:   
Secondary IPv6 DNS:   

Not sure who I am getting the tunnel from, but suspect it is my ISP (rather than transit provider). My early speculation was the router manufacturer, but I doubt that now.


2002 is 6to4, not 6in4, so that's probably why it won't work

If it were mine, I would disable what you have on the router and pass it through to something else


Quote2002 is 6to4, not 6in4

Missed that distinction. Does not appear that 6in4 is actually an option.

I think I will leave it as-is until I actually get my "real" router set up.

My Bitcoin XT node is already making IPv6 connections (outbound only, I assume/hope).