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Youtube/Facebook Video Slow/Buffering.

Started by Napsterbater, February 07, 2018, 12:37:51 PM

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i'm now experiencing buffering with youtube via nyc4


Unfortunately, I also have the issue on Tserv1 LON2 averaging at 800Kbps.


There were some adjustments made last week, so please retest.
Also if you are going to report an issue, email ipv6@he.net and open a troubleticket.


Thank you! At least from ashburn things are looking better. I feel bad sending trouble tickets in for a free service :)


tested a 4k stream and things are also looking good from nyc4 pop.

@garman9000 I equally feel your quilt. Sad part is that in my experience HE's support for a free service is head and shoulders above the support of many ISPs for their paid services.